Sunday 8 December 2013

Stone Farmers Market

Despite having spent more than 4 months in the marina last year we didn't get to check out the farmers market in Stone.  It's on the first Saturday of the month and each time we were otherwise occupied and couldn't go (in Germany, taking Mick to the airport, and January there was no market).  We were glad to see the day was clear so we could walk into town for the market today.

On the way we saw the car Mick had spotted the other day was still down the embankment where it appeared to have crashed.  I noticed Diane mention that she'd seen a stolen car so I assume this is it.  It was a lovely day for a walk and we were glad to be out.  The sun was out too so that always helps.

The market was absolutely buzzing.  It was fantastic and obviously popular.  We were really impressed with the stalls... such a variety.  We bought some bits and pieces as we went and then decided we had enough and anything else that took our fancy would have to wait until next time.  We'll be sure to visit again.  The prices weren't too over the top for a market..... compared to home anyway.

As we reached the marina gate into the field coming back we came across Clare and Roy from nb Foxglove. They were out walking Wish.  We stopped for a chat before heading on our way again. 

Speaking of doggie friends, Mick's bumped into Tony and his chocolate labrador Breeze a couple of times since we've been back.  She was such a funny girl last year, always looking across at our boat to see if one of us was coming out to pat her.  She's quickly worked out again that Mick's a good bet for some attention.

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