Monday 2 December 2013

Social Sunday

Today we decided to treat ourselves to lunch at the Three Crowns.  It was a lovely day again so the walk was welcome.  We had the Sunday roast which was nice enough but not as good as some of the meals we've had there in the past.  I really like the atmosphere at the Three Crowns.  It's a lovely pub.

On the walk back to the marina we stopped for a chat with a fellow Mick met when we were moored in Stone.  He has a boat in the marina called Rose of Sharon. 

We had a wander around the marina then and took in the view from the top of what Mick so fondly calls "turd hill".  There is a bit of a problem with dog droppings up there so you must watch your step.  You get a great overview of the marina though.  As we wandered back down we saw Roly on nb Klara.  We went in and chatted outside their boat for a bit... they were about to head off for coffee at the bistro.  We moved on down the pontoon to say hello to Andy and Sue on nb Festina Lente and sat down for a cup of tea and chat.

Walking back around the marina towards the boat we spied Martin form nb Moriarty.  We went in for more chat with he and Cathy and before we knew it dark was approaching.  Where on earth did the day go?!

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