Tuesday 17 December 2013

Boater's tea party

Yesterday was the final boater's tea party for 2013.  Permission had been granted for us to use the large cedar hut.  There was a good turnout... I'll see if I can remember everyone!

nb Ferndale - Diane
nb Ewn Ha Cul - Dot and Gordon
nb Winton's Folly - Carol and Barry
nb Parisien Star - Elly and Mick
nb Gentle Presence - Jo
nb Caxton - Elaine and Paul
nb Two Jays - Jim and Joan
nb Festina Lente - Sue and Andy
nb Klara - Bev and Roly
nb ?? - Rob (Rob has a new boat being painted)
nb Shoehorn - Gill
nb Moriarty - Cathy and Martin
nb Colombo II - Barb

Photo courtesy of Paul and Andy... my camera battery went flat!

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