Wednesday 4 December 2013

Mick and the iPad

A quieter day today. Mick left me working and went for a wander into Stone. I had a tidy out of our storage tubs. We'd promised one set of three to Barry for when their pram cover was done. We have one at the back of the boat to store mooring stuff.... rings, chains, pin covers.... and other bits and pieces we need access to when cruising.  It will be a bit easier sitting 4 at the dinette now, with only one having less leg room where my printer is.

Mick has always been a real techno-phobe. He should have his own "grumpy old men" show with all the grizzling he does about kids with phones, texting in cars, computers, computer games and all manner of other electronic gadgets.... he has an opinion on them all.  At the ripe old age of 50 he seems to have discovered the Internet! I never thought it would happen. I think at home he had so many other things to do that he wouldn't even contemplate wasting time to learn anything about it. But, he has taken to my iPad like a duck to water. He has spent hours browsing real estate, cars, boats, trucks, tractors, and now he's discovered the Internet news. He googles things, he has researched cars for when we get home and have to buy me one pretty much immediately, he knows every house for sale in our area. He even looks at the blog at the photos I've taken.  He doesn't have the patience to read it all so I'm still safe to talk about him without him knowing.  He has shortcuts to all his favourites (I had to set them up for him) so my iPad is no longer my own... I have to wait my turn to use it. Who would ever have thought this would happen. Not me!

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Ade said...

Love it! Well done Mick.
He really knows what a Google is now then!