Saturday 28 December 2013

Catchup - 24/12/13

We had intended to not drive anywhere today, Christmas Eve, but at the last minute changed our minds as Broadway isn’t far away and it was the last day the shops were likely to be open.  It turned out to be a lovely day despite the forecast being a bit gloomy.  During the 2 hours we spent at Broadway the sun came out for much of it.

We had coffee in a little café and browsed many of the shops.  It was a very enjoyable morning.  We couldn’t help but notice, as we have on previous visits to the Cotswolds, that there are some very snobby folk.  We get a bit of a giggle out of people having such a “superior” attitude.  Most of the people we encountered were friendly and in good Christmas spirits.

On the way back we turned off at Broadway Tower to check out the view.  Last time we went there was with Andy and Jean a few months ago and that was a rainy day.  Today the sun was shining but it was very windy and the wind had quite a chill to it.  We walked around the tower admiring the view and took some photos.  Our hands and faces were chilled by the time we bundled ourselves back in the car. 

It was lunchtime by the time we returned to the cottage so we had a quick lunch and spent the afternoon wandering around Chipping Campden.  We called in to the Co-Op to buy some milk and bread.  Being the afternoon of Christmas Eve the tiny store was incredibly busy.  In true English style there was a very long and very orderly queue down one of the aisles.  I’m sure in Australia if this many people were waiting they would be milling around from all directions, trying to get ahead of people that were there before them and then tutting about who should be next.  Not in England.  

Another thing we’ve noticed is how much bigger Christmas is over here.  The decorations are amazing and everyone seems to get into the spirit.  In one deli they were handing out free cups of hot soup and in a pretty gift store they were dishing out plastic cups of mulled wine.  Very festive.

The closer it gets to Christmas day the more comments we seem to get from shopkeepers when they hear our accent.  Why on earth would we be on holiday in England in Winter time?  We no longer volunteer the fact that we’re living on a narrowboat unless the conversation continues to how long we’ve been in England and them asking where we live.  Without fail, this prompts amazement…. especially when we’re away from the canals.

What a fantastic day we had.  We have enjoyed the lead up to this Christmas so much more than last year.  We should have gone away last year too.


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