Saturday 7 December 2013

Shopping in a car

Mick went off to finish the bench tops on nb Josephine this morning.  Andy and Jean had some shopping to do and took us along for the ride.  Mick went this morning with Andy to buy some coal and this afternoon I tagged along with Andy and Jean to Asda and B&Q.  It's rather a treat these days to go to the supermarket in a car.  Despite our Ocado delivery coming this evening I managed to buy a few bags more..... things I had no idea we needed until I saw them!  Mick stayed home this afternoon to watch the snooker on tv.... oh, I meant to say "do housework"!

We have a little Christmas tree.  We've never had an artificial one before but seeing this little one in B&Q I couldn't resist.  It has fibre optic lights run by battery and changes colour. Very festive.  The box is small enough to fit under the dinette for next year... whoever has her next year!

We've been enjoying watching the UK snooker championships on tv the last couple of weeks.  We get very little snooker televised on free to air tv in Australia.  I used to love watching with my step dad when I was a kid.  Having an Aussie in number one ranking spot makes it interesting too.  We're watching Neil Robertson tonight.

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