Saturday 28 December 2013

Catchup - 25/12/13

Merry Christmas!

We woke this morning to very promising weather.  After a leisurely breakfast we went for a walk around Chipping Campden.  They sky was blue and the sun was out… not at all what we expected but very welcome.  It was chilly but pleasant for a long walk.  We noticed a tree with blossoms opening.... perhaps confused by the mild weather and sunshine?  We also noticed there are fields in the area with the unmistakeable "ridge and furrow" that I've mentioned before when we were near Braunston.

Somewhere along the way we heard church bells ringing in the distance and noticed that we seemed to be in a procession of people all walking in the same direction.  To church it turned out.  How lovely to see them walking from their homes to the church on Christmas morning.  We aren’t at all religious but it’s a lovely sight all the same.  We walked with them to have a look at the church and then continued on our way.

The main street was much quieter this morning but there were still plenty of folk out for a walk.  We love the atmosphere of this small town at Christmas.  We noticed a few other people that were likely tourists on their own.  We noticed a couple of the shops at the lowest point of the main street have put up bright blue “flood barriers” across their front doors.

Except to come in for lunch, we were out for most of the day.  We walked Chipping Campden from one end to the other.  We had our Christmas dinner for our evening meal.  It was a delicious seafood roll wrapped in pancetta.  We have booked dinner for Boxing Day night at a pub that is well recommended in the town.  It’s so much cheaper to eat out on a day other than Christmas day and it makes no difference to us.

The news is full of flood stories further South.  There are plenty of people with their homes under water on Christmas day and the airports in chaos.  How lucky were we to have had a glorious day from start to finish.

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