Wednesday 23 April 2014

Fradley to Fazeley

Fradley Junction to Fazeley : 11 miles, 1 lock, 1 swing bridge
To date : 1227 miles, 859 locks

The weather forecast was for a bit of drizzle today.  We figured as long as we got through the one lock left between us and the actual junction at Fradley it would be fine.  It's not so bad cruising in the rain with no locks to do and not much in the way of wind.

There's an absolutely massive retail complex near Fazeley junction.  We walked a mile or more to get to it last time and the walk was along very busy roads.  I recalled Dot on nb Ewn Ha Cul once mentioning that there was a much better spot to moor for access to those shops.  She was right!  We found her suggested location and it was a pleasant enough walk across a field to get to right by the retail park.  Thanks Dot!!

Tore forwarded us a copy of the survey to date and we couldn't be happier.  Only three very minor things to be addressed, two of which Mick dealt with immediately with a few screws and a piece of timber!  The last  to "sleeve" and secure a couple of hoses and wires in the engine bay to prevent chaffing..... as this is relating to the engine it will have to be dealt with someone other than Mick!  So, it's all good so far.



Barry and Sandra said...

What a bummer! We'll have just missed you then, we turned left at Fazeley last night onto the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal heading into Birmingham. What a shame we didn't arrange a meet up when we've been so nearby. Take care guys. xx

Elly and Mick said...

Sandra, we just read your blog and realized we'd missed you too! What a shame!! We could so easily have walked down and met up with you if we'd realized!
Elly x