Thursday 13 December 2012

Mushy peas, yorkshire puddings and pork pies

We've been enjoying the different things to try as we travel around.  But... I've got to say there are some things we just can't seem to warm to.  For our Aussie readers, here they are.

1. Mushy peas.  They are served with your fish and chips - even at a fish and chip shop! They often look a little grey.  We've tried them a few times but now we just ask for garden peas instead.  We feel like we're letting the side down!  I'm thinking I might have a go at making my own using fresh peas.

2. Yorkshire puddings.  These pastry type things come with your Sunday roast.  Now, there's nothing wrong with them but we really can take or leave them.  We've had a few suggestions along the way - you need to fill them with gravy or you should put your mashed potato in them.

3. Pork pies.  We tried these a few years ago when we were here.  They are eaten cold   Photo from

I guess some things are just an acquired taste - like Vegemite!


Nev Wells said...

Try the Yorkshires with a bit of jam as your pudding.... we used to have then like this when I was a kid


Mal Richardson said...

Come on super-cook.

You can buy the dried peas to make your own mushy peas in supermarkets. They need a good soaking rior to cooking. Colour depends on whether they use a green food dye.

Pastry!! No made with batter. Just the same as a pancake batter. 4 oz plain flour, 2 eggs, and half a pint of milk plus a bit of mixing. You need a hot oven to make them rise. Frozen ones are available in supermarkets and some places such as M&S sell fresh ones.

Find butcher or baker that makes their own pies - figure out when they have just baked and get a warm pork pie - pure magic.


Peter Berry said...

Nah then, worav we gor eer! Thems all Northern delacasies and tha's livin' up 't North, so tha shud do as us Northerners do and et up tha fodder laak a gudun! Tha wudn't faand them ponsy garden peas in any chippy worth 'is salt, round 'ere i Wigan. Seriously, those are all Northern dishes, although can be enjoyed country wide these days. When you get to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal at Skipton, there is a butcher there near to the town arm branch that sells home made pork pies to die for. You must try one of those when they are freshly baked and warm. Personally I don't care much for salads, avacado or pumpkin. Each to their own.

Peter Berry said...

Without wanting to linger too long on this subject, I thought it was a coincidence that this appeared in today's Daily Mail. Quote " TV presenter Michael Parkinson, 77, says the basic diet in the (coal) pit village where he grew up was Yorkshire Pudding. We would have one before the main course with gravy, then a Yorkshire Pudding with roast beef, veg and potatoes. Then we would have Yorkshire Pudding with jam or treacle. So I grew up looking like a Yorkshire Pudding. Too modest surely". Which is exactly what Margaret said about that particular dish when I showed her your post.

Elly and Mick said...

Ok, Ok, I'll give the mushy peas a go and we'll try a fresh pork pie warm. Will let you know how we go!