Thursday 24 October 2013

Fish pie and stewed apple

Audlem Lock 2 to Audlem Lock 11 : 1 miles, 9 locks
To date : 884 miles, 609 locks 

Anthony and Leanne reached the lock ahead of us by foot just as we were heading off this morning.  We decided we'd just tough out the rain but as it turned out the weather cleared to quite a lovely day after a couple of locks. 

Today Anthony and Mick worked the locks while Leanne and I stayed on the boat.  We wondered last night whether they might be thinking we're stark raving mad wanting this lifestyle with locking in the rain.  But, according to Leanne, Anthony said he enjoyed his task yesterday.

We moored up after lock 11 at Audlem and went for a wander around the village.  It's a very pretty place with some quaint little shops.  We especially liked the "wharf" area but unfortunately the "Shroppie Fly" is being renovated.  I loved the canalside store.... in particular the upstairs with so many canal themed cross stitches.  Mick liked the "husband's chair" and took advantage of it.

We had lunch back on the boat and Anthony and Leanne went off to check out Trentham Gardens for the afternoon so I could get some work done.  Mick did some chores and even volunteered to peel and core the bag of apples I'd picked up the other day.  There'll be stewed apple on my breakfast each morning for a while.  Delicious!  There's fish pie ready to put in the oven for dinner tonight too.  I sure hope he keeps up the cooking enthusiasm when we get home!!


Mal Richardson said...

Has the craft shop by the canal still got their beautiful dog - Winston?

Elly and Mick said...

I didn't see a dog there and we usually notice them. E