Tuesday 3 December 2013

Busy V pontoon

Wow, what a day it was today on V pontoon.  It was a hive of activity!

Diane on nb Ferndale had her cratch cover off for cleaning.

Andy and Jean on nb Josephine had their new benchtops arrive today.  Mick was happy as a lark doing his "job" of installing them.  He used one of the marina trolleys as a work bench.

Scott from Kinver Canopies came to fit the pram cover on nb Winton's Folly.  Now they have a conservatory!

Jo on nb Gentle Presence had new carpet put in her boat.

I worked this morning and before lunch I was out on the pontoon talking to Mick when Claire from nb Foxglove called out as she walked Wish the border collie.  I asked her in for coffee and we had a good old chin wag.  Will look forward to catching up again Claire.

This afternoon Martin and Cathy from nb Moriarty came in for afternoon tea.  The boaters tea party is on hold at the moment as the marina is open on Mondays between now and Christmas. We spent a lovely couple of hours chatting.  Great to see you both.


nbEpiphany said...

You are moored next to our old share boat Twelfth Night! Hope the owners like her as much as we did! We do not know them but do pass on our greetings,

Elly and Mick said...

Hi Fiona,
When we came into the marina last year I noticed Twelfth Night and asked about if it was a share boat - I remembered it was the name of yours. When I was told it wasn't a share boat I assumed it was a boat with the same name! That's Diane from nb Ferndale moored next door. We're at the other end of the pontoon. I've never met the folk on that boat but if I do see them I'll pass on your message.

nbepiphany said...

It was sold a few years back and has had a couple of owners since I think. Definitely our Twelfth Night as livery is still same. Built by J D Boats (Gailey)