Saturday 28 December 2013

Catchup - 22/12/13

What a lovely day we had today.  After a better sleep with the mattress on the floor, we pored over our map while we had breakfast this morning and worked out a route for the day.  

On the way out of Chipping Campden we stopped so I could take a photo of the view looking back down into the town.  It’s so pretty nestled down at the bottom of the hill.  There was some sort of crop growing in the field beside where we stopped.  Looked like cabbages.

How different it is to drive around the Cotswolds in Winter compared to our previous visits that have mainly been in Spring or Autumn.  With the trees and hedges bare of their leaves you could see for miles.  What amazing views are hidden by those hedges the rest of the year.  It does look rather grey with the trees bare but fields of green grass break it up.

We stumbled upon a fabulous antique centre on the road into Chipping Norton and spent an enjoyable hour or so browsing around.  Mick got out of choosing me a Christmas present once we saw a lovely little Swedish ornamental rocking horse.  We saw some great ideas for displaying Christmas cards or ornaments… one a tree from a big twiggy branch and the other a tree shape made from metal bars.  They both looked great.

We had lunch at Burford and then a good browse around the shops there.  The cobbled paths are so pretty but not always the easiest for walking on.  From there we headed on to Bourton on the Water.  We’ve driven through Bourton before but not had time to stop and look at the shops.  Today we stopped but we cut the visit short because the heavens opened and it just pelted down.  We both got rather wet and it was getting on in the afternoon so we decided to get back in the car and head off.  It cleared not long after so we stopped once more, this time at Lower Slaughter.  We’ve been there before too but it was quiet and we enjoyed walking around the village.

We stopped on the hill before the last mile down into Chipping Campden as we’ve discovered we can get internet access there.  I sent a quick email to my mum and then we went home to the cottage for a roast lamb dinner.


Unknown said...

Love the blog and was amazed when reading this one to see the 3rd photo from the bottom. I have a Garth Allan painting of this very spot. I love his paintings and have 3, I went to his house to pick one up that I had won in an auction and bought it on the same day. He told me he had painted it from a photo he had taken in the Cotwolds and I have always wondered where and now I know!!.

Elly and Mick said...

Hi Carol,
How nice to think people enjoy my ramblings! Well, you can go there yourself to that very spot. It's Lower slaughter on the bend as you walk around to the little shop tucked in behind the mill. One of our favourite places!