Tuesday 24 September 2013

A day in port - Pershore

This morning dawned dark and gloomy.  It was a mild day but not bright.  

We spent an enjoyable day in Pershore today.  Our walk around town made us realize something.  We've been here before!  We actually stopped here at Pershore and had lunch in a pub on our drive down to Heathrow when Mick was going home to Australia in Feburary.  We didn't have time then to take a good look around so today was great.

In particular we were glad to visit the Pershore Abbey.  What an amazing building it is.... just stunning.  We enjoyed browsing the shops and in one of the many discount stores we stumbled upon our travel companions!  We were on the hunt for a small cane basket to store our new collection of pine cones and thereafter the "sticks".

I had work to do so Mick went off for a walk after lunch and I stayed in.  It's a good mooring with a nice view while I worked.


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