Sunday 8 September 2013

A day in port - Wootton Wawen

Our canal guide said there was some interesting things to see in the village of Wootton Wawen so we headed out for a good walk.  First we visited the Yew Tree Farm where a courtyard of old barns have been converted into little stores.  One had a huge choice of outdoor and conservatory furniture.  There was a little farm shop too.  Outside there was a wall made of logs that looked fantastic.

In the village itself is the oldest church in Warwickshire with the oldest section dating back to the eleventh century.  It was worth the visit.  There was information saying the church tower had been hit by lightening on the day Princess Diana died.

The village is along a rather busy road but there are some interesting buildings and houses; Wootton Hall, a lovely looking pub and an old mill building converted into apartments.

On the way back to the boat we walked under the small aqueduct and then around the Anglo Welsh hire base.

This afternoon Mick went on a mission to sort out some little jobs on his list.  He replaced the window seals on one side of the boat while I made a start on tidying the cupboards (a recurring job!) and then he cut shorter my little "bedside box".  It's actually the section of timberwork that was cut back off our finrad radiator to make way for the Acorn stove.  I noticed it was about the right size to fit between the mattress of the bed and the gunwale.  It makes the perfect place to store a few bedside bits and pieces but was just a bit too long to reach all the way inside.  So now it's just right.

The little split bridges on this section of canal are very narrow.  We heard a noisy engine and on looking out we saw a tractor towing a trailer had stopped on the bridge behind the boat.  I think they discovered the trailer wouldn't fit across.  Eventually they reversed back over and went around the other way.

Despite the pleasant weather for most of the day, the heavens opened late afternoon.  The weather is certainly changing.  We had our first condensation on the windows this morning.

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