Friday 13 September 2013

From the basin to the river

We had arranged to spend a few days moored down at the Stratford Marina.  It's a treat to have landline power for a couple of days.  We'll wash and hoover and charge up everything.  Mick wants to clean out the waste pipes for the shower and hand basin plus give the boat a wash.

Mick walked to Tesco for our "Tesco essential" (loo paper) and to B&Q to finally find a battery for our Dolphin torch.  I walked to Morrisons which is slightly nearer to grab a few urgent supplies.  We'll get an Ocado delivery for the bulky and heavy stuff.

As we prepared to leave we got chatting to a couple of French Canadian tourists and ended up offering them a little ride on the boat as we went down the lock onto the river.  I forgot to grab my camera as I went off to work the lock in front of a crowd of tourists.  Shame I didn't get a photo.
We have a nice mooring against a good stretch of green grass and willows.  The road bridge is rather close and noisy during the day but we're hoping the traffic will ease overnight.  Once we were settled in we went for a walk around the town.  What a lovely place.  Plenty of tourists around though.


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