Monday 30 September 2013

Droitwich Spa Marina

It feels rather luxurious being in a marina for a night or two.  I know that's not how it feels over the Winter but while cruising and managing the day to day stuff like power and water.... then it does feel like a luxury to leave lights on, use the electrical kettle, toaster and microwave, wash everything that could do with a wash, and have a longer shower than usual.

We had a sleep in, a late breakfast, and spent the rest of the morning on a cleanup.  Just after midday I had a text from Carol saying they'd arrived at the locks outside the marina.  I walked up to meet them and to rummage in their kitchen drawers for birthday candles while Carol was pre-occupied with the locks.

Once they were settled into their berth we walked to the Eagle and Sun for a birthday meal for Carol. Her friends Sue and Kaye have been with them for the weekend so it was an enjoyable afternoon.  The girls had bought a very chocolate birthday cake and the fellow at the pub kindly lit candles and brought it out.  We were almost back at the boat when Carol realised she had left her bag back at the pub.  Mick ran back to retrieve it.

Mick had his evening shower at the marina facility block.  What a fantastic amenities block!  Separate bathrooms and in the ladies toilets there is a hairdryer and hair straightener.  (Elaine, no more tripping the boat power!!).  One of the bathrooms is larger and even has a bath.  The laundry has a sink, ironing board, a stool to sit on while you read a magazine to wait.  Why can't they all be like this?!

There's a fellow on a nearby boat with the cutest little puppy.  He calls it a "Sprocker", a cross between a Springer Spaniel and a Cocker Spaniel.  Makes us hanker to get home and have a new dog!  We see chocolate labradors everywhere.  They are far more common here than at home.


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