Friday 20 September 2013

Bidford on Avon

I got my day the wrong way around.  We went out for a look around the village this morning.  It was dull and drizzly but it was a nice walk all the same.  Then this afternoon when I had work to do, the sun came out!  Never mind.  Mick went out again to make the most of the better weather.

The road bridge across the river to the village is a quaint little bridge.  It's single lane with traffic lights at either end and had little V notches across for pedestrians to step out of the way of vehicles.  Looking down into the water while we waited for the traffic to pass we could see straight to the bottom it was so clear.  We even spied a few fish.

There was some lovely buildings and houses in the village but it's a bit of an odd layout.  The High St is broken by a cross road and when you continue on to the main road beyond there a larger supermarket etc.

We managed to sneak through the carpark of a local business to take a photo of the boat from the opposite side of the river.  We also checked out Bidford Boats.  We're in need of diesel and a loo pumpout.  You really have to keep a tab of the prices.  Bidford charge £12 for a pumpout and 98p per litre for diesel.  We rang Evesham Marina and they charge £20 for the pumpout and 92p for diesel.  So we'll be turning around in the morning to get the loo pumped out and then buying our diesel tomorrow!

A pair of hotel boats came into moor in front of us for a few hours today.  They filled up their water, their guests spent a couple of hours in the village, and they were off again leaving us moored on our own.

We moved the boat again this morning.  Better tv reception!

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