Friday 6 September 2013

Split bridges and barrel roof cottages

Lapworth Lock 14 to Lowsonford : 3 miles, 15 locks
To date : 698 miles, 437 locks

Today was back to our normal routine… and just the two of us.  We’ve left Barry and Carol back in Birmingham waiting for her hospital tests on Tuesday and our visitors have gone to France.

We didn’t rush.  After a leisurely breakfast we sat and discussed where we might get to today.  With a bit of rain on the horizon according to the weather forecast, we decided to get on the with the locks ahead and see how far we get before we’ve had enough for the day.

We are starting to see the things this section of canal is known for. like gorgeous barrel roof lock cottages and split bridges.  The split bridges were to allow boats to pass underneath without the need to unhitch the horses from their tow-ropes.

Despite my intentions of doing half the locks today, some of those gates were so heavy that I relented and let Mick at them.  One of them just wouldn't budge and after mooring the boat it took two of us to close the darn thing.  We enjoyed the day.  It was warm in the morning and by mid afternoon I was putting up the umbrella in the locks to keep the sun off.  We are making the most of the last of the Summer weather.  All too soon it will be getting cold.  Already we notice it's cooling in the late afternoons.

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