Wednesday 18 September 2013

Last day in Stratford

First fire for the season today.  The morning tried to fool us into believing it was a nice day but before lunchtime arrived the rain set in.  We were right in our decision to stay put today.

I was out for a walk before 7am.  It was cold but lovely.  I had hoped to get some photos around Stratford without the crowds of people and the timing was good.  It was an enjoyable hour on my own and I treated myself to a Costa coffee on the way back.  I'll put photos in a separate blog entry.

We had a couple of bags of clothing for the charity shop after yesterdays cleanout so took them this morning after breakfast.  I bought a new pair of walking shoes as my old ones are almost worn through.

We noticed a crown on the stern of a boat just down from us - it was nb Coromandel who we met back at Napton Junction.  At the time they'd just bought the boat but now that some time has passed they are still happy as ever with their choice and out on their first big cruise.  Great to see.  This evening John and Angela came knocking on the galley window for a chat.  They came in to check out the boat and we sat for a pleasant couple of hours chat. 

We went and bought our river license with Barry and Carol today.  The anchor is out again and so are the life jackets so we're all set for the river tomorrow.


nb Bonjour said...

Hope you enjoy the Avon - we went down it a few years ago and had a VERY exciting time after heavy showers in the hills - shooting Eckington Bridge was better appreciated after the event! But we did enjoy the trip. Best wishes
Debby and Dave

Elly and Mick said...

Hi Debby and Dave,
We've enjoyed our first day on the Avon. We have fingers crossed for it to not be as exciting as your trip!