Thursday 12 September 2013

Surprise day in the Cotswolds

Today was an absolute treat!  Last night we received a text message from Andy and Jean from nb Josephine.  They were heading our way in the morning and would we like a day out in the car? Would we?? Yes!!

They collected us about 10am. It was lovely to see them again. We have a bit of a laugh about spending an entire winter in the same marina and saying polite hello's to each other or having 5 minute chats about the weather and now out on the cut we finally get to know each other and discover we like each others company! We last saw them for a passing cuppa and chat near Napton Junction.

Andy and Jean had some errands to run so they first dropped us off at the Domestic Fowl Trust.  We had been there in 2007 and were glad of the chance to visit again.  They have many different breeds of chickens and we had a good discussion of what we'd choose when we go home.  A new addition since our last visit is a collection of other animals, including a very frisky baby goat.  We spent a pleasant hour or so browsing.

The Cotswolds would surely be our favourite place in the UK and it was such a pleasure to be driven through those amazing villages crammed with Cotswold stone buildings and houses.  The first destination was The Fleece Inn, a National Trust owned pub. I thought Mick would burst when he saw it. It was the best pub we've seen in the UK so far and we've seen a few! It is the perfect, quintessential pub with low ceiling, dark beams, inglenook fireplaces. Just lovely. It seemed like a god place to have lunch.

Across the road was a teeny antique shop and I stumbled upon a set of garden herb labels. I picked the, up and walked away three times before deciding I couldn't leave them behind. They're heavy and that's what kept holding me back from buying them but they'd be so perfect in our garden when we finally have one again so I bought them.

We made a stop at Chipping Campden and had a walk and a browse. There is an amazing old Market Hall built in 1627.  The streets are a continuous row of gorgeous buildings.  We loved Chipping Campden.

From there it was up to Dover's Hill which offers the most spectacular views. Shame it was an overcast day.   I came back tonight to read up about the Cotswold Olimpicks.  Honestly... a sport called shin-kicking?!

We drove through Broadway, which we have visited once before, then up to the "folly" called The Broadway Tower. Another great view from up there. Finally we returned to Broadway for a cream tea in Andy and Jean's fav tea room.

We couldn't have asked for a better day out.... great sightseeing and excellent company.  We look forward to seeing you guys in December. Thanks so much!

Walking back to the boat I noticed nb Lepus was open for business selling canal related bits and pieces.  I spied a little blue boat about the right colour and bought it to take home as a memento.

Last night's view from the stern :

 The Domestic Fowl Trust :

 The Fleece Inn at Bretforton :

 And opposite the pub :

Dover's Hill :

Chipping Campden :




Broadway Tower :

 Back at the basin :

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