Tuesday 3 September 2013

Farewell Birmingham!

Cambrian Wharf to Major's Green : 10 miles, 0 locks, 2 tunnels
To date : 688 miles, 409 locks

I was at my desk well before 6am, just as it was getting light.  It's a relief to be ahead with my work now so I can have a few days break while our visitors are here.

This morning we met up with Jen and Jude and they came to check out the boat.  It was great to show them around.  They were the only people back home who were fascinated by the canals like we were.  We shared a Canal Boat Magazine subscription with them!

Mick had disinfected the toilet brush and in his enthusiasm it somehow fell off the handle and into the cut.  He went off shopping to buy a new loo brush, Jude took the car and drove off to the station at Shirley and then caught the train back, Jen and I went shopping because she wanted to buy and ipad.

As I headed out with Jen, Tony on nb Holderness came out with a beautifully wrapped box.  It was a thank you for rescuing the washing yesterday.  There was no need for thanks, anybody would have done the same.  It was a kind gesture nevertheless.

There was a bit of excitement at the Wharf today.  A nearby building had a fire drill and was evacuated.  Everyone gathered by the wharf and throughout the garden area beside it.  Goodness there was a lot of people! 

The four of us reconvened on the boat and headed off.  The intention was to get water but the water point was out of action so we cruised around past Gas St Basin to the water point around the corner there.  There was one other boat on the water point and it was a very slow filler.  We decided to move on and get water at the next available point.  It was fantastic to be out of the city and cruising through greenery again.

Jen and Jude enjoyed their cruise.  It's nice to see your life through fresh eyes.  Made us appreciate it all anew.  We moored up late in the day and J&J went off to collect the car from the railway station.  They are both keen to work some locks so tomorrow we'll make a start on the Lapworth Flight.

I went for a walk down the towpath to gather a cup full of blackberries for breakfast.  I don't know if it was an insect bit me or if I brushed against stinging nettle but I got a nasty rash of blisters on the side of my forearm.  

This evening we noticed it was almost dark at 8.30pm.  The days are definitely getting shorter.  Before we know it we will be digging out the thicker duvet.

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