Saturday 28 September 2013

Wonderful Worcester!

We love Worcester!  What a lovely town it is.

Today we spent pretty much the whole day out walking and we only saw half the town.  The High St had the usual suspects in the way of stores but there was a maze of narrow, winding streets with fantastic old buildings.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable day. 

With a Marks and Spencer in town we stocked up for a few days.  I took a photo of our purchases.... we'd never buy pre-packaged food at home and today we both looked at the collected at the checkout and laughed.  Everything in little plastic tubs and bags.  Three days breakfasts, lunches and dinners without cooking a thing for under 50 quid.   Such a treat for us to not have to cook.... just open the oven and pop them in.  Terrible, isn't it!  Marks had a stand of Christmas stuff out already.  I captured the expression on Mick's face perfectly when he saw it.

We noticed a National Trust property on our travels.... The Greyfriars.  We decided to go back to the boat for lunch and then return to have a look.  It was an interesting property with a garden that used to be the site of tiny cottages.... demolished to make way for the garden and the 12 families moved on into council housing.  Inside there was a collection of stitched samplers which always grab my attention.  One of the volunteers pointed out to us the last paragraph on one of them.... the stitcher began the sampler in 1851 aged 8 years old and finished it in 1926 aged 83!

We each bought a new pair of shoes as we've worn the soles away from our old ones with all the walking.  At the entrance to a shopping area we saw a tree we've never seen before. They only way I can think to describe it is a "bean tree".

So after a day spent pounding the streets we were back at the boat in time to have a tidy up before our visitor arrived.  Lynne came straight from work and arrived about 6.30pm with our mail in hand.  It was lovely to receive a parcel from my nieces. 

We had dinner at a nearby Thai restaurant and came back to the boat and played cards for a couple of hours.  It was to be the first night we had someone stay overnight on the boat with us.  Lynne's stayed on the boat before, but with us gone off with her car!

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