Saturday 14 September 2013

A rainy day in Stratford

Mick arranged last night with Barry and Carol to walk the 4 miles or so to the first lock after Wilmcote to help them with the locking down to Stratford.

We had an Ocado delivery between 9 & 10am. We are moored right near the marina car park so it was very convenient.  No sooner had we done all the chores.... dishes, water, rubbish, washing, groceries.... and there was a message from Carol saying they were heading off after their morning visit to Wootton Wawen. Mick had an early lunch and headed off down the towpath.

It was a rainy morning and wasn't looking too good as locking weather. I went for a walk into town to post off some parcels and postcards.  On the way back I passed the basin and noticed a familiar boat name. It was nb Lady C, fellow Aussies we met last time we were in Rugby. We had heard on the grapevine..... actually Roly on nb Klara had met them and got chatting.... that they were heading back to Oz next month and Lady C was going up for sale. I knocked on the side of the boat but Jenny and Frank were out.  I figured I'd come back later and try again.

I did a bit of work and a bit of my sewing and went out for a walk again later to check the mooring status in the basin. The Lady C was still unoccupied so I went and asked nicely on the information boat for a piece of paper and pen to leave them a note. I had their email address but no phone number.  The tourists watched goggle eyed as I leaned into their cratch to put my note beneath their windlass.

No sooner had I returned to the boat, started the dishes and sat down to check the weather forecast on the tv only to remember we have zero tv reception here, and I looked up and saw Frank and Jenny at the window. They got my note then.  No.... They didn't!  They hadn't even been back to their boat since I left the note. They'd come looking for us knowing we were around here somewhere.

Kettle on and coffee made we had a nice boat chat that was nothing about toilets.  With perfect timing Mick rang to say they were a lock away from the basin so we set off back to the basin.... Frank and Jenny back to their boat and me to find nb Winton's Folly.  I found Mick and Barry on the road and with the basin still full, and arrangements made with Lady C to take their mooring after coffee with them in the morning, we had a catch up onboard nb Winton's Folly. They had been lucky to get a couple hours relief from the rain just in time for most of the lock work.

It's been raining non stop since then.

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