Monday 1 July 2013

Lower Basildon to Goring

Lower Basildon to Goring : 2 miles, 0 locks
To date : 485 miles, 277 locks

What a peaceful night we had moored in a meadow.  Looking out the window in the morning didn't reveal a lot.  I did see a very colourful dragonfly.

We wanted to reach Goring mid-morning in the hope of finding a mooring on a sunny Sunday.  We knew it would be busy. 

After the short cruise we rounded the corner and there was the perfect spot waiting.  We were all settled in at 10.30am.  After our belated morning coffee we had a wander around the village which is small but very nice.

For lunch we went to The Catherine Wheel.... strange name for a pub.  They had a large beer garden with a couple of nice shade trees at the rear.  When we arrived there were two other tables occupied but while Mick was inside ordering our lunch an enormous crowd of cyclist poured in through the gate.  Thank goodness we got in before them.  Mick had a chicken and tarragon pie which he enjoyed and my pick was a lobster linguine... delicious.... so much so that Mick polished the last of it off.

It was a lovely lazy afternoon and we both felt it was just what we needed.  A bit of a wander to watch the activity down at the lock... reading a book.... chatting to passersby (someone's got to do it when Carol's not here to do her job).

This evening we got chatting to the folk on the cruiser behind us.  We ended up looking at each others boats.  What a difference there is inside those things... they're enormous!  Poor Tim mustn't have enjoyed looking at our boat so much.  At 6ft 8in he had to walk with his head tilted to the side.  When we reached the living area we offered him a chair and a beer.  Nice folk and we enjoyed the chat.

In all we had a very relaxed day.  Mick says I'm to point out that he enjoyed doing nothing.  England is everything we imagined on a day with such glorious weather.

When we first saw a cygnet doing this with their leg we thought it had a dislocated leg!  It appears to be a resting pose.

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