Friday 12 July 2013

Aynho Wharf to Banbury

Aynho Wharf to Banbury: 7 miles, 4 locks
To date : 545 miles, 304 locks

Some days I just don't know where the time goes.  I'm struggling to keep up with work!  This morning we thought we'd leave at 9am... across the canal for water and diesel... and then on our way.  We we ready as planned but there was a boat across at the water point.  It was the hire boat that had been moored behind us.  They called out that they were nearly finished so we prepared to move.  Then came another boat.  With him moving along and us yet to push off from the canal edge he was going to get there before us.  There was a bit of "to and fro" as he was going to try and let us in before him but it was a bit difficult so we let him go ahead.  Finally we got there... the water point painfully slow it seemed... and the diesel was full and paid for while we still waited for the water.  By the time we left it was near on 10.30!

Yesterday when we were at Will's place I saw he had a eucalypt.   I picked a few sprigs to keep in my vase so I can have a daily reminder of home with a brush of the leaves.

We had a pleasant days cruising with the locks spaced at a distance that made work impossible.  The other day Sue from nb Festina Lente told us to look out for "The Pig Place".  We stopped on their own mooring and had a browse around the animals and bought a few bits and pieces in the farmshop.  They had a couple of different breeds of pigs, indian runner ducks, geese, chooks and a couple of friendly dogs.  The folk live on their narrowboat moored on the canal.  They aren't permitted to build a house on their 4 acres of land.  It's worth a stop and a look around.

On our way again we passed a couple of fields of cows.  One herd had some young ones standing in the water at the canal edge.  Most ran off in terror when we cruised by but a couple just stood there watching.  We also passed beneath the M40 a couple of times.

Today was also a day of the lift bridge.  They were all left open so there was no work involved but it's so quaint passing beneath the pretty little bridges.

We heard from Jim and Joan on nb Two Jays that they were moored at Banbury on the 14 day moorings and there was space available.  We did get a spot in front of them but thought it was a bit nicer further back before the bridge.  Too late now unless we reverse all the way back there.  On the way we passed nb Helene and had a brief chat with Bob (Karen was in town) while we hovered beside their boat clinging on to keep within talking distance.  We also passed nb Uccello and nb Yarwood and gave a quick wave.

Carol and Barry got the benefit of our experience... I sent her a text to stop before the bridge if they found a mooring.  So... they got a good one!

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