Saturday 13 July 2013

Banbury - a noisy evening

Having settled in at our mooring yesterday afternoon we noticed there were some very noisy kids on the other side of the hedge.  They were screeching their heads off.  It went on for the entire afternoon.  Later in the evening..... with no relief from the noise.... we noticed the boat in front of us head off again at about 8pm.  They had only arrived a few hours before too.  We suspected it was the racket that had driven them away.  We decided we'd persevere. 

Another half hour later and we were re-thinking that decision.  Mick went for a walk back the way we had come and noticed the other boat had moored just beyond.   He told Mick they couldn't stand it any longer.  When Mick came back we decided we'd go too..... except for us it would involve backing up a fair distance and through the narrow gap.  Off we went, with Jim from nb Two Jays out supervising and the fellow from the other boat also coming out to watch.  We went as far as the other boat had although it wasn't our first preference for a mooring either... being opposite some industrial buildings and a rather smelly foundry. 

We had a quiet night's sleep and in the morning went off investigating the possibility of reversing further still to moor up among the boats on the other side of bridge 168.  There was a boat just gone and also the very first spot from the bridge was still vacant too.  We set off yet again.  Narrowboats really don't like going backwards and trying to negotiate bends and boats and bridges makes it all the more difficult.  But... we got there and really like this mooring.  The boats either side of us left soon after and our mooring hopping pals appeared around the corner to see if they could fit in down here too.  They moved yet again and they're now behind us.  It turns out it's a mobile home park on the other side of the hedge up there.

Finally settled again, we went off for a walk to check out Banbury.  It's a great place to moor with easy access to all the town shops and services.  We had a little wander in the information centre, and the museum, and the shopping centre.  How sad to see the tiny old Tooley's boat yard building surrounded by huge commercial buildings.

There are 48 hour moorings right alongside the huge shopping centre.  You can't get more convenient than that!  We are thinking of staying on a bit longer so chose the 14 day moorings where we are now.  I don't think I'd like more than 48 hours of gongoozlers anyway!

I even found a future patchwork project idea to remember our trip.

We also walked down "the high street" which was very nice.  We like Banbury!

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