Wednesday 31 July 2013

Rugby to Hillmorton

Rugby to Hillmorton : 3 miles, 3 locks
To date : 586 miles, 331 locks

The rest of the night was peaceful and we were glad we'd moved.  This morning just after breakfast a lady appeared at the side hatch window.  She introduced herself - Jenny and Frank on nb Lady C.  They're from Brisbane and it turns out they have been reading the blog on and off since before we left Australia.  It's lovely to meet people who have found some sort of inspiration from my ramblings.  Jenny said it was Frank that was set on the narrowboat dream and she took some time to warm to the idea.  They're only doing six months and will then be selling their boat and returning to Australia.  We had a great chat through the side hatch with me in my dressing gown.  So nice to have met you both!

Last night's disturbances have left their mark.  Mick didn't want to stay a second night in Rugby as we'd planned.  So once we were all sorted this morning we went down to Tesco for a good grocery shop - fresh stuff that I would rather we choose ourselves.  We had lunch and a tidy up and then moved on again.  What a shame that a mooring we enjoyed so much last time is now somewhere we'd probably not want to stay again.

Reaching the bottom of the Hillmorton Locks we breathed a sigh of relief.  We quite like mooring at the top of the locks.  We topped up the water tank at the water point below the bottom lock... chatting to a couple on Louis & Joshua boat number 72.... then with a French lady at the first lock who was fascinated with the whole procedure.  We breezed through the locks and much to my amazement I managed to get the boat into every lock without touching the sides once.  Miracle!  There was a volunteer lock-keeper at the first lock who said we were the 61st boat through today.  Very busy.  At the top there was just the first couple of moorings free so we went into the same place we moored Sunday night and before long a boat went into the last one.  It's a lovely, placid place and we're glad to be here.


James said...

It's a shame you had to move on from Rugby. The youth of today are one of the very few things from British culture that I'm ashamed of. Their parents don't care and the government has empowered them to act as they see fit. The soft line approach by the present government attracting the 'hug a hoodie' catchphrase. Bring back national service I say!

We are however very pleased that you've extended your stay and look forward to a proper meet up in the future :-)


Elly and Mick said...

It was a shame. Makes you worry about future generations doesn't it!