Saturday 27 July 2013

Napton on the Hill to Braunston

Napton on the Hill to Braunston : 7 miles, 0 locks
To date : 573 miles, 325 locks

Last night as we sat to watch the news the dog who spends his days at the canal whimpered outside the window for Mick to come out and play.  To deter him we closed all the blinds on the towpath side and left on the front doors open.  I caught a movement out the corner of my eye and saw him jump into our cratch and curl up on the floor of the cratch!  Cheeky boy.  There was a stunning sunset last night.

There were two little families of moorhens by our mooring at Napton.  One appeared to have three chicks and the other just a single chick.  The boaters were making jokes about the moorhen creche as it seemed they were all sharing parenting duties.  Sometimes all four chicks would be with one mother, sometimes the four chicks would each be with a different parent, sometimes each dad had two each.  At feeding time it made no difference whatsoever who was feeding who.

We arrived in Braunston just after 11am and were very happy to see a boat leaving the mooring where we'd been on our last visit.  So we're back in the same spot again.  Perfect.

We had a 2 for 1 lunch at the Boat Inn and watched as more and more boats went by and then back again after being unable to find a mooring.  It is definitely worth arriving early at your destination in Summer and especially on a Friday.  So we've settled in for the weekend.

Braunston is a great place to wander around looking at boats and chatting to people.  Mick just loves it.  We enjoyed a chat this afternoon with a lady living on her boat alone with just her dog for company.  We've seen many of the same boats that we've been leap frogging for the last week or so.


Col said...

Have been reading through your blog. Love those sunset pics. **dreaming of one day**

Ade said...

Great pic's as usual Elly , Braunston is on my must visit list, it keeps growing not entirely due to your blog but a big slice is! 😃

Elly and Mick said...

Ade, you must visit Braunston! It's probably our favourite canal place. We've been there every trip to the UK. The fender shop is worth a visit.