Monday 15 July 2013

Banbury - a visit from ABNB

Today Bob and Karen on nb Helene had the good folk from ABNB Boat Brokerage coming to prepare the information for the sale of their boat.   It took a good few hours.  They had Bob move the boat out into the middle of the canal to get a better photo of it.

We've been talking a bit lately about the fact that we've been here 10 months and we need to start thinking about whether we go home at the end of the year as we planned (November) or if we stay on a little longer (June).  Mick, in particular, has been missing our old life and we're both looking forward to establishing another garden and getting a dog again.  On the other hand, we're really enjoying life on the boat.  We've become proficient at handling the boat and we know how everything works on it now.

So... I arranged for the ABNB folk to come in and have a chat. We were a little worried that Autumn mightn't be the best time to be selling. They were very helpful and very complimentary about the condition the boat is in.... which is to Dave's (previous owner) credit as well.  We asked them what sort of time frame we'd need to get the boat on the market for the end of September.  I think it gave Mick a rude shock to realize how fast the time has gone!  Now the "stay a little longer" discussion has reared its head again.  We'll see.

On another note...
I've no idea why, but Mick decided we needed to know how far below the water line the floor of the boat is.  He got out his level and a tape measure and worked out that our feet are about 41cm below the water line in the centre of the boat.  Useless information?!