Sunday 14 July 2013

Banbury - a hot day

We had "The Pig Place" sausages for dinner last night.  They were really good! Shortly after we'd finished our dinner we heard a voice calling from outside.  It was blog reader, Candy.  She's on her boat in Tooley's yard with a bit of a dreadful tale (involving stoppages and accidents) of why she's still there months after arriving to have some work done on her boat.  Nice to meet you Candy.

No sooner had we made her coffee and sat down for a chat when more visitors arrived.  This time it was Karen and Bob from nb Helene.  They're moored a couple of boats back and we met them at Fradley Junction in early April.  We pulled out the folding chairs and wiled away the evening.  I remembered just in the nick of time to take a photo!

It's been another very warm day today.  We didn't expect a heatwave in England and there's no end in sight on the weather forecast.  There is a couple of days that it says there'll be rain but the temperature still expected to be nearing 30 degrees.

It was a bit of a lazy day, nobody feeling like doing much in the heat.  It was a different story on nb Helene behind us!  Karen and Bob are frantically polishing and painting in readiness for their sale photos being taken tomorrow.

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