Tuesday 30 July 2013

Rugby - a disturbed night

We had our first bad mooring experience last night.  We were moored on the parkland side of the visitor moorings in Rugby and in the evening a group of about 8 youngsters rode in on their pushbikes.  I'm guessing they might have been about 14 or 15 years old.  They started knocking on boat windows and then began harassing the fellow on the boat ahead of us for alcohol.  It went on for a while and when they banged again hard on our living room window Mick went out.  They were all gathered around the fellow on the boat ahead so Mick went to offer him some moral support.  The kids moved away with their bikes and started hurling abuse and threats.  The guy ahead said they were going to move on but it was 9pm and at first we thought we'd ride it out.  I think the kids had threatened to smash his windows.  Then the fellow on the next boat came out and put their tiller on too.  Mick went to talk to them and he said his wife was quite upset and rattled by it all so they were moving too.  If they left there'd be a long gap and then just us on our own right at the end.  There were no boats moored on the opposite side except right at the other end.  Suddenly it didn't seem like a good idea to stay there the night.  So, at 9.20pm we moved off down the cut.  Further along by the industrial area there was one spot vacant.   It appeared the boat ahead of us who had headed off 5 minutes before us, had tried to get in there and kept moving.  We decided to give it a try and although it wasn't ideal it felt like a safer place to be with a long row of moored boats about us.  The stern wasn't tight in on the bank and we were aground on the bankside but getting on and off the bow is no big sacrifice even if it's a big step across.


Nb Yarwood said...

If you haven't already done it, please report the incident to the Police and CRT. Rugby coppers need to de al with anti-social behaviour but they need to be aware it is happening. I if these bullies get away with acting like this things are likely to escalate.

Elly and Mick said...

Lesley, you're right. I will do so.