Wednesday 3 July 2013

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I finally got around to sorting out my "blog roll".  I ended up deleting them all and starting again.  If anybody I was previously following notices they've disappeared, do let me know and I'll put you back.

Monday morning Mick went to take the rubbish down to the bins and imagine his surprise at 9am to see nb Winton's Folly coming around the bend.  We thought they must have wet the bed! We had left them behind Saturday afternoon and arranged to meet up in Goring but we hadn't expected they'd arrive until at least lunchtime.

We had a quiet day and I caught up on work.  The week before had been a bit difficult with work as we've been doing several hours of cruising every day.  It's been a lovely couple of days and just what we needed.

We sat to watch tv in the evening and had a very annoying fisherman disturbing us.  He was throwing his line over the boat down from us and then walking along the boats, holding his rod across the roof of each boat.  At Goring the bank is quite high and the walking path is up on the high bank.  There are a couple of sections of narrow, lower edging so shorter boats can moor there and still get off their boats.  It meant that people strolling by weren't right in front of our windows and we liked that.  You can see in the pic below one of the low sections at the front and we're on another low section at the back.  There's a whole river out there for him to fish so having someone down there walking up and down, up and down, up and down, right in front of our window was a bit annoying.

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Amy said...

Thanks for having us on your blogroll! However, you can probably delete the Lucky Duck blog from your list now that the boat is no longer ours!

All the best,
MB Willow