Wednesday 21 August 2013

A walk to Baddesley Clinton

With a whole day at our disposal moored up here in Kingswood junction we decided to walk to Baddesley Clinton, a nearby National Trust property.  We did the necessary chores first, and I did most of my days work.  Barry and Carol arrived around lunchtime and moored behind the tragic plastic boat behind us.  A couple passing by said it's been moored here on this 48 hour mooring for near on a year.

So after lunch we headed off on the mile or so walk.  It's one of the things that still bemuses us in England... that public walking paths go straight through peoples' properties.  We walked down the towpath, over the canal bridge, past the pub and then we spotted the little disc on a post which pointed the way down somebodies driveway.  We passed a couple of Mercedes parked near a row of very fancy horse movers and an enormous modern stable block.  Then it was down a neatly mowed strip between grazing horses.  We went through a stock control gate and then across first an open field, then another gate into a field of cows and sheep.  The final section wasn't so obviously showing the way to walk so we skirted around the edge a little before spying a gate across the other side.

Baddesley Clinton was a great place to visit.  The "house" was surrounded by a moat!  We had a wander through the house and then the garden.  We shared an ice cream and a bottle of water from the little coffee shop and wandered the grounds some more.  On the way back I took photos of the walking path to remember this strange thing in years to come!

It was lovely and sunny for most of the day and it was rather warm while walking the gardens today.  We were quite glad of the cloud cover on the walk back.

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