Saturday 31 August 2013

The Cotton Patch

Mick noticed an older couple approaching the first lock.  He went off with his windlass to help them down the 13 Farmer's Locks.  They were very appreciative. 

Having chatted to a quilter while we were moored at Catherine-de-Barnes, she directed me to The Cotton Patch, a quilt shop in Birmingham.  I decided to catch the bus there today.  It was nice to have a look around and chat with the ladies in the shop.  I bought a couple of fabrics for my quilt.

This afternoon we had a walk and bought some new herbs for our roof top pots.  I worked to get ahead before our visitors arrive Monday, and Mick painted our boat hook pole.

As we walk around Birmingham, we've been seeing these little smart cars emblazoned with "Car2go".  We had a look on the internet at how the system works.  It sounds like a great idea for someone living in Birmingham and not having a car.  You just pay for the time you actually drive the car.  Interesting.

1. There are lovely buildings in Birmingham
2. Moored beside the pub in Cambrian Wharf
3. & 4. Car2Go

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