Sunday 11 August 2013

Stockton top lock to Long Itchington

Stockton top lock to Long Itchington : 2 miles, 10 locks
To date : 619 miles, 346 locks

Off we set this morning.... 9.30 on the dot.  I'd been up early to work and we were all ready to go.  We had decided to stop at Long Itchington so we could walk back to the Blue Lias for lunch.  There was a good run of locks to do first.  This is the sort of weather we like.   We had a little rain in the night, the sun peeking our periodically throughout the day.   It's mild enough for tshirts, and pleasant for working locks. Perfect.

We moored up.... I forgot to take a photo of the mooring.... and walked to the Blue Lias.  We had first headed towards the village of Long Itchington and then along the road to the pub.  It was interesting to see how they trim the roadside hedges.  What a lovely pub it is.  The pub itself isn't all that big inside... although it certainly is very nice... but there is an amazing beer garden alongside the canal with an absolute profusion of flowers.  What a colourful place!

We had a pleasant lunch, then I worked, Barry snoozed, Mick and Carol walked into Long Itchington!

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Diane and Ray said...

Its always great to get back to the boat and surely feels like home. All 4 of you are looking happy and well. Keep having fun xx