Saturday 31 August 2013

Worth a look

It's been a while since I've browsed or researched anything much.  We've had a bit more time on our hands since we've been stationary and I've come across these.

Narrowboat World
I saw this link on the blog of nb Fizzical Attraction and started reading... and reading... and reading.  I can't believe I haven't found this before.  It's a fountain of information from opinions in one direction or another to emergency phone numbers.  Well worth a browse.

Coal and diesel boats
Then there's this list of coal and diesel boats.  We keen an eye out for them wherever we are but now we'll have a better idea if there might be one in the area.  We'd much rather give our money to a working boat.

As for today..... I've been working most of the day.... Mick's been painting...  we've re-potted up our herb pot.... we've been walking.  There's been a cooler breeze but still blue skies.

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One Thing After Another said...

Hi Elly just seen your comment from a few weeks back! For some reason, blogger doesn't send them to me now to approve just puts them in the spam folder until I approve them! I now know so will keep an eye on them!
Hope you're both well, yes I've been away from the blog, mostly feeling a bit down and also not feeling very in love with the boat, but back now, so should be back to regular blogging! Xx