Friday 9 August 2013

Wow Wales!

Last night I walked on the beach before dark.  It was lovely in the fading light.  There were quite a few other folk with the same idea, including a fellow with a metal detector.  I guess he finds dropped coins or jewellery. 

What countryside we saw today!  We drove through the Brecon Beacons National Park and it was breathtakingly beautiful.  We would highly recommend a visit to this area for any visitors to the UK.


Along the way we saw a sign saying "kitchen garden shop".  Thinking it was a garden place we turned back to have a look.  The shop was actually a little room selling their home grown organic veg.  But the property.... oh my goodness.... it was amazing.  There was quite a cluster of outbuildings as well as the main house.  They were all just gorgeous.  The little cobbled road wound around the buildings.  They had a camping site and also a large self contained accomodation building.  What a fabulous place it would be for a large family to gather for Christmas or some other type of get-together.  It was called Penpont.


Along the way we stopped to check out a couple of antique/salvage places.  Mick would spend all day trawling through the mountains of stuff.  Overall it was a perfect day doing just what we enjoy.

Lynne and Marie had an adventurous few days on the boat learning how to deal with all those things we also encountered when we started out : like running aground and traffic at junctions.  They had passing boats call out to them about being Aussies.... what an insult to a Kiwi born girl!  They pre-arranged for Barry come to rescue them when they reached Braunston and had to moor among so many other boats.  It all sounded like good fun.

Now back at Braunston on a Thursday night we are treated to the bell ringing.  A lovely welcome home.

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