Sunday 18 August 2013

Birmingham mooring question

Can anyone help us with where we should moor overnight on the approach into Birmingham along the Grand Union from Kingswood Junction? After Catherine-de-Barnes where should we aim for?

I've had several people mention that we shouldn't moor in the suburbs but is there somewhere before Gas St Basin? Our book shows moorings at Ashted Tunnel.... would you moor there??

Help very much appreciated.


Adam said...

Personally, I'd do Catherine de Barnes to the centre of Birmingham in one go. We have moored at the Aston Science Park (which is after Ashted Tunnel) for lunch, but I'm not sure I'd want to stay overnight, although I know people who have, and it's been fine. I don't think there's really any need, though, because the locks up the Farmer's Bridge flight are really fast, and you can fly up them.

A note about Ashted Tunnel: the roof is a bit of a strange shape, and it's difficult not to scrape your handrails. My advice is to have someone on the towpath with the centre line, keeping the boat on the towpath side. Also, you need to make sure the lock is clear before entering the tunnel (it's only short), because otherwise you may have to reverse out.

In the centre of Birmingham, our favourite mooring is at the end of the Oozels Street loop -- you just need to be far enough in to be past the air conditioning vents. I normally reverse in so we have a view of the junction. The towpath there doesn't go anywhere, so there's very little foot traffic, except for the Brindley Place security guards.

Anonymous said...

Hi and greetings from Germany!

On the GU Main line the last safe and quiet mooring is Catherine-de-Barnes. There are secure moorings at the BW Basin at Bordersley (BW key needed), but it's not the nicest of areas.
Don't stop overnight anywhere on the Digbeth Branch, not even at the University! Just keep going until you reach Cambrian Basin.If that's full, keep going a little further until you reach the NEC, National Sea Life Centre on the New Main Line or at the beginning of Oozel's Loop. Forget Gas Street Basin, as there is only one Visitor Mooring there, and it's usually occupied.
Hope that helps. We might see you next week as we'll be in the Birmingham area.

Blog followers Mike and Ethel

Anonymous said...

Typhoons Basin is fine, although there's not many spaces. Farmers Bridge flight is very quick and there's often people around helping!


Elly and Mick said...

Thanks very much for the advice. We appreciate it!