Wednesday 7 August 2013

Tenby - love it!

We first heard of Tenby from watching the tv program Grand Designs.  A couple converted the old life boat station into a home.  It looked like a nice little harbour so we remembered it as a place to visit one day.  Now that we're here it's much larger than we expected but what a lovely place it is.

This morning we were up early to go for a walk while there was nobody about.  We just loved it.  It's full of steep, winding steps down to the little beaches below as the coastline winds around the headland.  They were proper beaches with sand and seaweed.  The large houses facing the water must have amazing views from their elevated positions.  We walked up onto the headland to admire the view and heading back down to the harbour was the converted life boat station.  It surely would make an amazing holiday home.  I imagine in the depths of Winter it would feel a little isolated and exposed although to experience a wild storm while tucked up inside would be an incredible experience.  I've always preferred the beach in Winter and at home we would never book a holiday at a beachside town like this in Summer.  There's just too many people around for our liking.  But, this is how the timing worked out and we're glad of the opportunity to see this place.

We had thought to have breakfast out but nothing was open.  In the end we went to the little Tesco to buy provisions for breakfast back at the apartment.  Just as we were walking back the first of the cafe's started putting chairs out.  Bit late for us at 8.30am!

After breakfast Mick went off to amuse himself for an hour while I did a little work.  He came back to collect me and we had a long walk along the beach.  It was lovely in the sun with the temperature moderate.  The crowds were rumbling in though.  The car park was full and the deck chair hirers were doing a good trade.... so were the ice cream sellers.  The sand was nice and clean and it made for pleasant bare foot walking.  We walked along the water line ankle deep and saw heaps of jelly fish.

We chatted with a couple of life guards who, of course, were dreaming of an adventure to Australia.  It's amazing how far out the tide goes.  Now we could walk to the island we'd seen this morning - it was no longer an island.  The beaches were enormous compared to the narrow stretch of sand we'd seen this morning.  We checked out the new lifeboat station, learned about their new £2.5 million lifeboat, and then walked beneath the old and the new.  It feels strange to look at the barnacles on the steelwork beneath and realize that in an hour you'd be under water. 

We picked up a £3 deal at Tesco each of a sandwich, a cut up apple and a bottle of water and went and sat overlooking the harbour.  Very relaxing.  It was pleasant wandering around the meandering streets looking in shops of interest.  There's plenty of them.  I returned to get in a couple more hours at my "desk".

It's been a lovely day.  This evening we walked back to the lifeboat station to watch them launch the mega boat.  There was quite a crowd gathered along the steep walkway, all keen to see the action.  It was all over in seconds but what a sight to see it hurtle down the ramp and splash into the water.

Terrible internet reception so I'll put photos in a separate post.

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