Wednesday 28 August 2013

Moored at Cambrian Wharf

It's not a bad mooring here at Cambrian Wharf.  We did hear a few folk out on the verandah of the pub but it didn't last long.  It was a peaceful night.  It's a shame all the marinas don't have such good pontoons.  The mooring points are decent hook things, the pontoons are wide and have excellent grippy stuff on them.

We went shopping today to buy a couple more warm tops for Winter.  Mick missed the main part of the cold at the beginning of the year so he'll be prepared for it this year.  We had  a good wander around on the way back... meandering our way down to the locks and then returning back to Cambrian Wharf along the towpath that brought us here in the first place. 

It feels strange walking beside historic old locks beneath modern buildings.  Being in Birmingham has reminded me of the books I've read a couple of times; Narrowboat Girl and Water Gypsies.  I have been reading them again while we've been here.  It has made me more aware of the signs of the old days as we walk around Birmingham.  We've walked under the pedestrian bridges many times in the last few days but today I noticed the worn rope marks in the steelwork.  Don't we always take things for granted once they become familiar.  I remember noticing these things all the time in the first weeks out on the boat.  I'm glad of the reminder and to be aware of them again.

Barry and Carol have visitors for a few days... their friends Mick and Jill and grandchildren Dylan and Teska.  There was a lot of excitement this afternoon and clambering along gunwales.

Mick wanted to order new seals for our hopper windows.  The old rubber isn't in good shape any more and Mick, the perfectionist, wants them to be all perfect again.  We walked to the post office to ask if they'd accept the parcel "Post Restante" and at the same time I had a couple of things to post.  What a shock to find an automated post office!  You have to serve yourself using a machine!!  Mick walked out in disgust, muttering away to himself about more jobs being made redundant.  He's right of course.

This afternoon a few more boats came into more in the wharf.  It's quite nice having the pontoons on a slight angle.  It means we can actually see out into the basin from our living room window.  A boat flying a NZ flag moored against the bank across from us and when I returned from my walk this evening Mick was having a a conversation called out across the water until they said to come over for a chat.  So we spent a pleasant hour or two chatting with Val and Don on nb Whio.  They bought their boat this year and will be doing 6 month cruises each year.  Lucky them!  Having the boat moored at Aylesbury meant it had to be craned out for them to go cruising and it will be craned back in mid September.  The collapsed lock wall on the Aylesbury Arm is due to be sorted in October but that's too late for them, they'll be back in NZ.


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