Sunday 4 August 2013

Passing time in Napton

This morning we moved around the corner to be closer to the water point.  After winding at the winding hole Mick reversed back to the first couple of moorings. Tomorrow we will move back to the water point to file the tank for our visitors.

Within a couple of hours of mooring up there was chaos in Napton.  I think every hire boat in England wanted to go up those locks.  The stream of boats just didn't stop.  I spent an enjoyable time helping fend off boats that were hovering against the row of moored boats.  What interesting people you meet chatting this way.  Almost every moored boat had an owner out doing the same.

We had a wander to the locks and to look in the store by the Folly.  Across the pub beer garden we spied a boat load of pirates!  The kids were having a wonderful time.

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