Saturday 17 August 2013

Warwick - a quiet couple of days

Bit of a catch up.  I’ve been unwell the last couple of days and there’s no other bloggers in residence.  Finally today I’ve felt a bit better and managed to catch up on the work I was behind with.  

Mick has been keeping himself occupied with washing and cleaning and polishing.  The outside of the boat is spotless!  He’s cleaned all the windows, polished the paintwork, and today he removed the timber handle from the tiller bar and gave that a going over. 

His burst of enthusiasm has been sparked by the upcoming visit by our neighbours from home.  They’ll be with us in 2 weeks time and he wants everything ship shape by the time they arrive.  I had a chat on the phone with Jen today... it was so nice to hear her voice.  We’re both really looking forward to their visit.  It will be the first people from home I’ve seen since we left.

A familiar face peered in the window just after we finished our lunch.  Jim and Joan from nb Two Jays had returned from their family visit.  Joan came in later for the obligatory cup of tea and a catch up.  Carol will be home tonight from her few days away.  It’s like a little Aston Marina gathering!  Speaking of Aston Marina… we’ll be back there this Winter so will look forward to catching up with the gang again.

Today Ray came and collected us for dinner at their new home.  Maggie cooked a lovely meal… thanks Maggie!  It was great to see their house after hearing about it for quite some time.  Such a tale of real estate woe but they did finally end up with the prize.  It’s a fantastic house with a lovely garden too.  After dinner they drove us back to the Saltisford Canal Centre and we had a wander around the gardens and checked out our mooring.

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