Tuesday 1 January 2013

Service with a smile

We've noticed that we seem to receive much better service in shops here than we did at home.  I wasn't sure if it was because we were so obviously not locals or if the customer service is just better here in general.

I mentioned the other day about Mick's tale of woe with his B&Q purchase.  Two bus trips, two B&Q's... and he ends up with a product so far passed it's use by date that it's useless.  Mick will always assume the worst and I try to be positive. 

After the first attempt he went on and on about how he'd wasted the money on a product that wasn't fit for the purpose.  He had explained what he wanted it for but not knowing anything about the specified fire rating codes he accepted their word that they'd sold him the right thing.  When I investigated on the internet we discovered that it was most definitely not acceptable for the job he was doing.  I convinced him to take the one he'd bought in Etruria with him to Stafford with the receipt and surely they'd exchange it for the right thing.  They did.

So this time he was left with 2 cans of useless product (he had decided to buy two of them now) but at least it was the right thing.  Again he went on and on about the waste of money but I just picked up the phone and rang B&Q with him still muttering in the background about how I was wasting my time on the phone call.  When I explained to the woman who answered she said I'd better speak to their duty manager.  I wish I'd written down his name because he was just so helpful.  He took my number and said he'd ring back.  Half an hour later they rang saying they were still trying to track down replacements but so far all the other stores had out of date stock too.  Another hour later and another phone call.  This time they said they'd order new stock in and would bring it to us here at the marina.

This morning they rang and said they had the stock now and would call when leaving the store to deliver it.
It arrived with a £ 10 gift card!  I love a sunburnt country.... but I simply cannot imagine Bunnings would ever do this!!!

The last week or more I've been having trouble with my internet access and it's been driving me crazy.   With pretty much nothing the last couple of days (and using the minimal data I have on my phone as a last resort) I took the bus to Stafford to the O2 store.  The fellow was very helpful but was at a bit of a loss as to what the problem might be.  I'd taken my iPad with me to show him what was happening.  He pulled the "goggle" apart, put it back together, and Bingo!  it worked again.  I just hope that is the end of the problem.  I've got some blogging backlog and lots of work to do.

On my walk back to the marina from the bus stop, a couple were walking across the marina field towards me.  The lady asked if I was from nb Parisien Star.  It's happened a couple of times now that a blog reader has come up to talk to us but it's still a bit strange!  It was Lynn and Eric (hmm... I think it was Eric) from nb Stanley which appears in many of our photos.  Stanley is moored on the pontoon that we look out at from the front of the boat and is our "measuring stick" for the marina water levels - we look at how high the water is under Stanley's pontoon.  Glad to have met you both.  We'll continue to keep an eye on nb Stanley!

I've been thinking about friends and family back home a lot this week and in particular my friend Vic who has been "puppy walking" for the guide dogs.  Fee, their first guide dog pup, is due to go and begin her training in a month or so and I know it's going to be a very difficult time for the family to hand Fee back.  Vic was upset enough when Fee had to go the vet to be "fixed"!

But, I see on Facebook that the new arrival has taken up residence - they say it's easier for the new pup to spend a few weeks with the older one still there.  So now they have April.  I didn't want to post the adorable photos with Vic's kids in them without checking with her first, but goodness they're cute!  Maybe tomorrow.

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