Friday 4 January 2013


We're out!!  We finally took the boat out of the marina after 7 long weeks.  With the weather forecast predicting a few days without rain we couldn't let the opportunity pass. 

We knew we should first stop to pump out the loo and fill the diesel tank.  It was as nerve-wracking as starting out all over again with it being so long since we've driven the boat.  We slowly chugged out of our mooring and Barry from nb Winton's Folly came out to supervise.  We can't complain.... Mick goes running out whenever he hears a boat moving! 

No sooner did we get to the centre of the marina and another boat came from the other way to the pump out spot.  So we had to lurk about in the wind between all the moored boats.  We saw Paul from nb Caxton waving furiously so we decided it would be easier to bump up against the end of the pontoons where they are so we can stay still while we wait.  Roland from nb Klara also came out so we tied the stern to their pontoon and had a chat, they guys had a look around our boat and eventually we were able to move up to the bridge and get the chores over with.  176 litres of diesel... ouch!!

At last we were heading out.  It felt like escaping jail!  We had decided that we'd go beyond the lock if there was mooring available.  We were glad to find our previous mooring right in Stone (from 7 weeks ago) was vacant.  It's fantastic to be in town and able to wander down to the shops.  We'll do a few trips to the supermarket and browse the shops at our leisure.  We'll go out for dinner tomorrow night too.  We can look out our windows and see green grass, ducks, walkers, cyclists.  Bliss!

Photos :
1. On the move!
2. Moored in Stone
3. Our view on one side
4. Looking backwards on the other side
5. And looking forward


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