Thursday 17 January 2013

Back on deck.. just

It's my niece's birthday today.  Happy Birthday Minka!  I've been thinking about you today.

We're both starting to feel better and I'm back sitting in my office. I got in a good days work. 

What a chilly morning!  By lunchtime the temperature had only just hovered near zero and it's stayed that way.  Everything's white with frost and the water in the marina is covered by a layer of ice.  The boat is moving freely though.  We made sure to top up our water tank yesterday but not everyone did.  The water points are now frozen solid.  Although.... that tap further down which created the lovely icicle in an earlier photo drips just enough that it doesn't freeze.  There was some crafty connecting of hoses along the pontoon and before too long the water tanks were full again.  I'm thinking the taps are going to stay frozen for the rest of the week - according to the forecast below.

I'm going to have to go out for a good walk tomorrow... regardless of the temperature.  I'm at my limit of being indoors.  If it's nice and icy in the morning I might walk the towpath into Stone.  It's so much nicer than walking on the roads.

Weather for Stone, UK
Currently : 0°C Partly cloudy
Wed : Partly sunny, Max 1° Min -4°
Thu : Partly sunny, Max 2° Min -2°
Fri : Chance of snow, Max 0° Min -2°
Sat : Partly sunny, Max 0° Min -9°

Photos :
1. Yesterday's peace over the marina
2. Such still water between us and nb Stanley
3. Leftover snow on the marina planters this morning
4. Amazing.... bulbs peeking through the snow
5. Iced over today

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