Wednesday 9 January 2013

Bangers and mash

We wanted to try some British classics and the other day while trying to catch up a little on the backlog of other blogs I came across a posting by nb Valerie mentioning bangers and mash.  We decided we'd give it a try.  I did some browsing for a recipe to make onion gravy but there were heaps and heaps of variations so it was a bit overwhelming. 

We had 2 red onions that needed to be used so I sliced them up and cooked them gently in a frypan with the splatter lid on.  Once they were looking well cooked... within the limits of the time I had as Mick was hovering in hunger... so about 15 minutes... I stirred in a heaped tablespoon of plain flour, then a splash of red wine and maybe a cup of water and some chicken stock.  Most recipes I came across used mustard and sometimes Worcestershire sauce.  I had a sachet of French mustard so added that and a splash of Worcester and some salt and pepper. 

I had cooked the pork sausages before I began with the onion gravy so added them back to the pan and let is simmer a bit.  It tasted pretty good!  We had 6 sausages and that did us for two nights dinners as we made enough mashed potato to give us a second meal too.

I'd love to have a good recipe for the "onion gravy".  Any suggestions??

Today was a quiet day and the rain had returned.  I worked pretty much most of the day.  Mick made a start on the bathroom cabinet.  He'd had the pieces cut to size quite a few weeks ago when we were moored at Etruria.  They've been stacked up (and driving me nuts) in the corner of the living room.  It's restricted where we can have our armchairs so I'm glad to be rid of that stack of timber.  So we have good progress on the bathroom cabinet.  I'll take a photo when it's finished.

We have a few other bits and pieces being stored behind our armchairs and I've been working on eliminating them.  We have the perspex from our first double glazing attempt - 4 windows worth.  I've been using one of them on top of the dinette table so I can do a jigsaw puzzle on the table and cover it with the perspex the rest of the time.  Because we used draught stop tape on the edges it raises the perspex off the table a little which is just perfect for a jigsaw puzzle underneath.  Carol from nb Winton's Folly took one the other day.... also for jigsaw puzzle purposes.  Tomorrow I'll go "hatch knocking" and see if anyone else would like one.

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