Wednesday 16 January 2013

Hexagon Al and Hexagon El

I had a comment from Alison (Hexagon Al), my 10 year patchwork project partner.  It prompted me to take a photo of my UK progress to date so I could show her.  Last time I'd only finished the star block below so now there's three more. To keep on track I need to finish at least 5 of the stars and 10 of the "hexagons" each year.  We've been here nearly 4 months now so I have some work to do.

I  now have a great spot to sit and sew in our living room.  Mick had cut down the table that was in the cratch and made it into a fold out side table.  He mounted it at just the right height for my "daylight" lamp and it's just big enough for my sewing box and a coffee cup.   Perfect!

I felt even worse today so stayed inside without achieving much.  Mick's feeling much better so I'm hopeful I'll be the same tomorrow.  He went for a walk to Stone to pick up a few bits and pieces.  We've had 3 boaters send text messages asking if we need anything from the shops.  It's so nice to have someone look out for you when you feel rotten.... especially when you don't have a car.  Thanks to you all.

Kinver Canopies came to fit the new cratch cover today, and made the template for a pram cover.  Photos to come.

We had our tap frozen this morning so as soon as it thawed we did a couple of loads of washing and then re-filled the water tank.  I just went for a walk up to the marina building and I could see that water on the other side of our pontoon was already frozen over.   It's already -2 degrees at 7pm so it seems we're in for another cold night.

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