Wednesday 23 January 2013

Walk to Stone

The sunrise today was lovely and the day looked promising.  We decided we shouldn't waste the opportunity for a walk into Stone.  It's just stunning walking along the towpath when it's covered with snow.  A bit slippery in places but we certainly enjoyed the walk.   As we left the boat we saw Roly and Bev (nb Klara) on the marina "hill" with their three lovely spaniels frolicking in the snow.

On reaching Stone I glanced through a barber/hairdresser window and noticed there was nobody there and was pleased to be able to have a haircut on the spot.  It was well overdue.  Next stop was Morrisons for a few bits and pieces and then a coffee at Costa.  As we sat there we saw the fellow that we often chat to (and pat his very lively labrador called Breeze) when he comes to the marina for a walk and a coffee.  Further down the mall we got chatting to he and his wife, Tony and Hazel, and met their guide dog puppy, Jilly.  Tony said Breeze knows which boat is ours and every time he walks along the path that passes our pontoon, Breeze looks over to see if we're there.  It's very funny to watch her if we come out of the stern of the boat while they're walking past.  She immediately starts straining to try and reach us.  Obviously she knows who is good for a pat!  She is a gorgeous chocolate labrador but oh so energetic and boisterous.

We decided we'd walk back along the towpath again and just as we reached the lock at The Star pub we saw Jim and Joan from nb Two Jays.  A quick chat and we headed back - work beckoned.

Photos from today :



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