Tuesday 8 January 2013

LED lights

We've been battling to take the covers off our downlights for many weeks now.  We wanted to swap the globes (bulbs in the UK) over to LED's.  Some of the light fittings were so tight, and there's really nothing much to get a grip on to remove the covers.  Every week or so I've gone around the whole boat and sometimes I've managed to remove one more.  I don't know why I decided to have a go again this morning but it was a good decision.  I think the heat from the new solid fuel stove has made a difference!  I managed to get all but 3 of them off and Mick managed one more so now there's only a couple to go.

The next job was removing the bulbs which are held in by a couple of tiny metal pins.  Despite being extremely careful I managed to have one pin left behind in one of the lights.  As well as all the LED bulbs we also ordered 3 extra downlight fittings as a couple had broken glass and we thought it a good idea to keep a spare or two.  So, one was replaced.

It took me hours of messing around to get the covers off, fidget around to remove the bulbs, carefully put the LED bulbs in, replace the covers..... and then I decided I should have cleaned all the covers before replacing them.  I wish I had done, because now I've got a sore back from straining to look at the ceiling while cleaning 20 light fittings!  They look all shiny and new now and the lights are brighter and use less power.  There's just that niggling two to go.

Lucky I was a bit light on with work to do today as it was also the day for our boaters' afternoon tea.  We went up to the little hut and the number gathering outgrew the space in the hut so we moved to the larger one.  nb Caxton returned for their few days out and came across to join us.  I made sure to come back in time to get my work finished for today.

It was toasty warm inside the boat so the solid fuel stove is doing its job.


alan nb tara. said...

I am now waiting for you to start complaining about the dust that the stove cauases, and you will. (believe me)

Elly and Mick said...

Alan, I'll try not to disappoint you! We had a wood fire at home and the dust was a constant battle so we'll see how we go with it.