Thursday 24 January 2013

Bus to Hanley

Having spent an awful lot of time sitting in my "office" the last 10 days or so we decided at the start of the week to take today off and go by bus to Hanley.  It was the best day according to the weather forecast.

The 101 bus is becoming familiar to us now.  We learnt something new about the bus route today.  Our bus arrived at Newcastle and most of the people got off.  There was only one other couple still sitting there.  After a moment or two the driver poked out his head and said "are you getting off?".
"No" we said.
"We're not going any further!"
Well.... I guess we were getting off.  We, and the other folk, quickly scurried out.

We went for a wander around the shops by the bus station and then came back to find a different First Potteries bus route about to depart (34).  It was also going to Hanley so we jumped on board.  This one went via Festival Park, an area we are familiar with so on the spur of the moment we pressed the button to get off at the next stop.

It was lunchtime so we made another spur of the moment decision to have lunch at The Toby Carvery.  It's such a bargain at £5.99 each and then we don't have to cook dinner.  We browsed the other shops in the area and before heading back we stopped at Tesco for a few extras.  There is a "101" bus stop just out the back of the supermarket.

By the time we traipsed across the marina field.... just starting to get muddy from the snow melting... it was 5pm.  I had time for an hour and half work!

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